Buy my house and I’ll throw in a …?

With the housing market sinking into an abyss, courtesy of rocketing lending rates, desperate home-owners might have to look at another way of attracting that all important one buyer.

The normal slap some paint on the walls and put away your personal effects – as punted by all those house selling experts on DSTV – isn’t going to work. So how about taking a leaf out of our lovely Retailers modus operandi and offering a free gift with the purchase?

Let’s be honest here, buying a house and getting a years supply of washing powder isn’t going to work, but how about buying a house and getting a sports car, or a flat screen TV in every room? Now we’re talking.

Home-owners could have a field day with this. For instance as the seller, you could be offering let’s say a fully paid trip to Mauritius, but as the buyer you would prefer to visit Disneyland, so you sit down and chat, and hey presto the buyer is visiting Mickey Mouse. Of course you could negotiate to have the trip as cash instead, or even change the trip for that exquisite diamond ring that’s been screaming out to you for the last few months at your local jewellers. Ah, the options are endless.  But at least the damn house has been sold!

I’m not sure how Estate Agents will take to this cunningly brilliant idea, but hell, if they end up with their commission I can’t see them complaining.


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