SARS makes me shudder

Last week a very nice lady from SARS phoned my husband and myself requesting our home address etc for a CC that we no longer own. As I say, she was very nice and not at all confrontational, so why is it that the mere mention of SARS sends me into panic mode and body shudders.

It’s ridiculous really, I haven’t got anything to hide, I pay my taxes and submit my annual TAX return on time, so there’s no real reason for me not to give her the information, but I didn’t. In fact all I’ve been prepared to do is give her the name and ID of the man who purchased the CC so he can deal with SARS!

I really can’t get my mind around assisting a SARS representative, no matter how accomodating they are. Eewww, they make me feel as if I’m signing my own death warrant.


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