How on earth can I fix this?

How on earth do I begin to help heal my daughter’s broken heart? Oh, the woes of being a mother. I only say mother, because dare I say it, father’s are less than lacking in the emotional arena.

Anyway, I’ve left her at home nursing a screaming headache, brought on, I assume, from oceans of tears and hours of emotional telephonic conflict last night.

When I think about it realistically, I know she wasn’t going to marry this chap, and indeed they haven’t actually been an item for some weeks, or perhaps it’s months now. It’s just that they seem to fall in the, clichéd, kindred spirits category. Correction, they are kindred spirits providing they don’t commit to each other – the relationship having been discarded several times during the past couple of years allows me to say this. For it’s at that explicit moment of committing that a metamorphous occurs and the eruption of horns transpire. With the impending result, where once there was harmony and excitement, there is now aggravation and frustration.

But be that as it may, how does one fix that broken heart? The use of plasters and duct tape were suggested… and scorned. Talking and reasoning does little more than remind her of the situation. And filling her up with comfort food i.e. chocolate, chocolate and oh yes, more chocolate, will only give her two problems to contend with, namely the heart and the thighs.

I tried thinking about how I dealt with this problem at her age. And to be honest I did the same, cried my eyes out and hated every suggestion on how to recover thrown at me until I hated everybody around me. The defunct male was forever in my thoughts and I firmly believed my life would expire without him.

So basically I’m useless to her. I have nothing to offer in the form of tried and suggested recovery methods. Poop, this isn’t good.

OK, if she’s still a mess when I get home I will call in her friends to hug and bleat with her. Failing that, my last and most painful option will be to bring out my credit card and take her for a mammoth daughter-shopping-spree. In effect I’ll be replacing her broken heart woes with my own broken bank balance woes.

Broken hearts, do they ever end?!


3 thoughts on “How on earth can I fix this?

  1. ArbThink

    there is no way to take the hurt away.. methinks a good session with her pals should help? And just knowing that you’re there whenever she’s ready to talk about it should ease the situation somewhat. Else take her out, lunch or coffee should do . and not break the bank!

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