Office blues

We have this crazy time keeping system at work that requires I record practically every minute of my working day as a variety of ‘appointments’. Dutifully I’ve set up my first meeting for today, heading this as ‘Monday morning, catching up with emails, sorting out day and wishing it was Friday’.

It’s the wishing it was Friday part that has got me pondering. For goodness sake, I’ve only just got here. How could I possibly be feeling this way? I swear if I didn’t have a daily pep talk with myself, as I approach the building, I’d drive straight past the parking area and go directly home, and to hell with the consequences.

Is it the people, I ask myself. Then again could it be the physical work? Or am I working in a sick building that specialises in depression? Whatever it is, I need to feel good about coming here everyday. I don’t want to keep having early morning conversations with myself where the only person answering back is me.

The best form of dealing with this perhaps is to list all the points I enjoy about “the office”, so here goes:

Coffee – it’s free, it’s filter and the pot is always fullish
Fruit – provided for all in an attempt to keep the flu away – shame it arrived after we’d all got sick
Email – on-line all day, wonderful to keep up to date with the famdamily a million miles away in the UK
Internet – on-line all day, fantastic way of catching up with the news and doing my banking without the need to leave my desk
People – there’s quite a few here, some nice, some not so nice, and some flipping irritating. Note to myself, avoid the latter and chat to the former
DSTV – only allowed on during lunch breaks, but great right now for watching the Olympics and SKY news. CNN and BBC are crap
Parking – undercover, a great perk
Work – finishing a project knowing I have done my best without being forced to rush and overlook stuff
Friday 4pm – start of the weekend

And now onto the bits I don’t enjoy – or more bluntly, the bits I hate:

Work – the mad rush for days and then drought for even more
Waiting – waiting hours and days for work to appear
Internet – monitored to ensure we work and not browse – bummer if I’m waiting for work. What the hell am I supposed to do then, pick spots or write a memoir?
People – too many empire builders and too few builders. Good grief how many people have to be consulted to get an OK for something as simple as who must I send this problem to?
Email – server temperamental
Work – never enough time to do things completely first time
Work – trying to look busy when I’m not – how many times can I alt-tab between screens before I have an epileptic fit
Monday – all of the above
Tuesday – all of the above
Wednesday – all of the above
Thursday – all of the above
Friday – all of the above til 4pm

Pondering this is exhausting, I’m going to find some coffee and some fruit, and hopefully somebody will be on an early lunch and the Olympics will be on the TV.

Note to myself – increase pep talk tomorrow morning bearing in mind the pay check on the 25th.


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