fully paid up sabbatical

I’m at a stage in my life, I’m trying really hard not to refer to this as being a mid-life-crisis, where I need to go it alone, to do something with my life other than sustain a further fourteen years behind a desk with a corporate that sees the majority of it’s employees as nothing more than pocket fillers for nameless shareholders.

The problem with my unhappy state is that I know what I want to do with my life, but typically, unless “I’m discovered” I’m not going to make any money out of it. So that kind off screws it all up. Yes, I know many will shout that I should forgo all life’s luxuries as I work towards my goal. But the problem I foresee is that by giving up on clothes, food, roof over my head etc, I will, without an ounce of doubt, compromise my basic life. And then what? Then I’m really screwed.

I watched a news story some time ago where long-service employees were rewarded with a six-month-fully-paid-with-perks-sabbatical. Now if I can sell that to my employer, I could well have a chance at trying out my unpaid-until-I’m-discovered-job, without going hungry, or compromising my children’s education. And, if at the end of such, I decide the dream job is not for me, well at least I’ve given it a try and won’t spend the rest of my life bemoaning the fact that I could have been great if I’d only had the chance. Plus I won’t irritate the living poop out of family as I repeat this fact…daily.

The question is, how long does long-service equate to? Call me biased, but anything over the ten year mark should be considered. This would have to be fair of course, something along the lines of a sliding scale. An upwards scale that is, so that the more you’ve worked the longer the sabbatical.

You know the more I think about it, the more I like this idea. I’m actually now going to put together a motivational email to my immediate boss who will in turn send this onto the one-hundred-fifty-two people in the chain of command to consider. Taking into account the length of time it takes to get an OK for the change of toilet paper and coffee around here, I’m estimating I should get a reply sometime within the next five years, by which time I should be at the top of the sliding scale and ready to take my six months plus off. Yikes, I can’t wait.


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