Sex Tape madness

Forgive me for seeming so naive, but what is it with these “celebrities” and their home-made-sex-tapes?  We’ve had Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian and now the ex-Miss California Carrie Prejean and the ever so lovely Jennifer Lopez. 

Are these women insane?  Do they really believe this type of creativity is going to be kept locked in a safe and only brought out for intimate times with their significant other?  When you stop to consider that all these women have strived, and worked extremely hard to gain fame and fortune, it seems madness that any of them would agree to participate in creating a video which was only ever going to end up in some money-making hands of an ex and spurned partner, and ultimately and sadly for them in the public domain.

Girls, girls, for goodness sake try keeping your knickers on in future when a camera is lurking.

7 thoughts on “Sex Tape madness

  1. analizethis

    Well it looks like the bigger the celebrity, the less braincells left. Or maybe it is a publicity stunt, albeit a stupid one, but who knows?

  2. dools

    good call… it seems pretty inevitable that if you’re a celeb and do naughty things in front of a camera, the whole worlds bound to find out about it!

  3. semjaja

    any publicity is good publicity, these are not people you see, they are products, just like we’re not people, we’re consumers.

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