We scaled down, but what happened to not renovating.

When we decided to sell our home, our intentions were clear:

  1. Our new home must be new or renovated i.e. we don’t want to renovate in any shape or form
  2. Scale down

So we managed 1 out of 2…we’ve scaled down.  And to be honest we thought we’d bought a home that needed nothing doing.  But as soon as the offer to purchase was accepted, we made the fatal mistake.  Yes we decided to think.  And thinking has got be about as bad as assuming.  From that moment on, we came up with a list of projects – my husband’s favourite word, apart from duct tape that is – that has caused many a sleepless night and let’s just say a few choice words between the two of us.

Our list includes replacing the bedroom windows with French doors, thus allowing us direct access to the garden.  Wonderful. Sadly, after one of my recent sleepless nights I realized that while this would indeed be wonderful, unfortunately you would walk out of the French doors and fall flat on your face as the garden is several feet lower than the bedroom.  We could have shelved this idea, but no we decided to put up a patio to alleviate numerous hospital visits.

Next hubby decided he had to have a pool.  Why I do not know.  Especially when one considers the pool in our current house has probably only had human occupancy around  6 times during the past 6years.  Or, that hubby finds it hard to remove his socks when it’s hot, let alone cool his feet in water.  Based on these points I suggested it was a waste of money, but no he wants it, and of course solar heating to entice him in.  Yesterday we settled on a small splash pool.  But this morning, over coffee at a friend’s house, hubby liked their pool so much he decided we needed BIGGER.  I suggested his BIGGER would mean losing half the garden, he suggested I was an idiot.  

Behind the front wall of the house is a homely and rather pretty garden.  Hubby wants to rip all this prettiness out and replace it with additional parking, I hasten to add this also requires demolishing part of the wall and adding in electric gates.  I’m not keen on this, but think I’m going to be out-voted here.

Now the kitchen is nice, but nice is not a good word in my vocabulary.  So I’m pushing to rip it all out and change the cupboards to a modern shade of white.  Hubby isn’t keen, I wonder why? Possibly because he doesn’t spend too much time there.  But to humour me he has suggested living with it for 6 months and then deciding if it’s really needed, but only after he has tried painting the cupboard doors himself and saving us money.  I would have called him an idiot, but he can be sensitive at times.  Instead I bit my tongue and teared up, allowing him to think I was emotional by his thoughtfulness.

There are other areas on our project list, but I’ll not bore you with the rest.  Suffice to say the only items to be removed are the French doors and the patio, but that’s today, who knows what we’ll come up with tomorrow. 


5 thoughts on “We scaled down, but what happened to not renovating.


    Oh how many French doored patios I have built. Cannot live without one …or two…or three around the house. We had to move a lot on account of hubby`s profession and not out of choice. Why people do not inhabit livable houses with personality I cannot understand and it`s more often than not just such houses up for sale.

  2. anotherdayinparadise

    I know exactly what you mean. I am also married to an incurable renovator and have lived with building mess for decades. We always sell when we have got it just as we want it.

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