Bored with Facebook

Having given the past year or so of my life to daily visting and participating of Facebook, I think I’ve finally decided the craze is over for me and that from next year I’m going to visit said site once a week.

I’m not going to call it a new years resolution, because labelling it as such will no doubt render it with the the kiss-of-death, i.e. no way in hell will I keep to it. 

The fun of finding old-friends and re-kindling relationships has gone belly-up for me.  Of the numerous people I’m “Friends” with, the only ones who bother to communicate with me are family members, friends and colleagues who I interact with on a daily or weekly basis anyway.  So it seems pointless to post a message on thier wall when I can chat around the dinner table, or chin-wag around the water machine at work, or even gossip over a glass of wine, with them in real-life.

And try removing somebody from your “Friends” list.  It’s like receiving a kick to the head.  I did this recently and got the most vile email from a “de-friend’d” person.  I thought the removal would be sort of quietly done with the friend being oblivious to my decision.  Clearly I was wrong. 

Here is my list of reasons to refrain daily usage – please feel free to add your own. 

1. fed up of privacy changes and endless messages about it

2. fed up of being invited to causes and groups

3. fed up of searching for a friend and having about a million faces pop up with the same name to sift through

4. fed up of being tagged in photo’s where I look like a moron

5. fed up of being tagged in a photo only to find it’s not me at all

6. fed up of all those bloody fish/flowers/zoo thingy’s people send me

7. fed up of receiving notifications of new skins, family requests and places to visit that hold no interest whatsoever

8. fed up of not being able to read some of the messages posted due to the numbers for letters concept, and no matter how hard I try they just don’t make sense!


13 thoughts on “Bored with Facebook

  1. JaxV

    I must admit I sort of re-kindled a friendship and keeping up with things with one or two friends, but it took me ages to get into it and am still confused most of the time. So I use it just to be “there” as it were. If someone from my past in one of the countries I have lived in wants to find me they can, but otherwise it add little value to my circle of friends and live. Just think it may be of value when my kids get older to keep in touch with what is happening in their lives. As a parent you have to check yourself though and ensure it is not actually prying, but these days you never know who is out there luring your kids into stupid things.

  2. nickmiles

    Piesang, a “friend” is someone I’ll call or visit if I want to find out what’s happening in their lives. People have forgotten how to relate to each other, all these kids growing up with their noses in their cellphones and in their PC’s but can’t relate to each other in a normal conversation or look you in the eye when you speak to them is a problem and it’s going to bite us in the arse in 20 years.

  3. rbh

    I made a point of not becoming friends with any of my “bosses” for just that reason. I’ve also made a point of avoiding the office group on Facebook

  4. nickmiles

    Facebook was never something I got hooked into, couldn’t for the life of me, see the attraction. It’slike living in a goldfish bowl. Who needs that?


    When I commented on the boring personal entries in one of my first entries I received such nasty remarks that I also felt like “Why the hell do I bother to try this facebook thing?” Now all I do is comment on some of the entries I find worthwile.

  6. yellowflame

    Hmm I’ve been thinking about deactivating my account because of the new privacy changes. There are certain people which I don’t want reading my status updates.. But with the new settings, either I let them see everything! Or my entire wall gets removed from their view. Sigh. Not so discreet anymore. It’s a bit embarrassing when one of those people is my boss who I work with closely. Talk about awkward!

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