CATS – the show

We went to see CATS on tuesday evening at Artscape, and I’m not sure if I came out fully entertained.

The sets, dance/choreography were superb, but the singing was difficult.  I stuggled throughout the show to hear the words clearly enough to understand just what those Cats were up to.  And because of this, I wasn’t able to follow the story. 

Initially I considered it might be me, but most of the party I was with felt the same.

Anybody else experienced this?


5 thoughts on “CATS – the show

  1. FOXY1975

    Glad to see we actually went to the same ‘show’ cause I also thought maybe there was just something wrong with my hearing! For at least the first half an hour or even more I felt lost… The set and lightning was stunning and the dancing superb but I also battled to hear what they were singing and saying – at some stage felt that maybe I should have read up on the show before attending…I’ve seen various musicals in the Artscape before and have to say that this specific CATS show and the show of Mamma Mia I attended had the worst sound I’ve ever heard at productions of this size and ‘fame’.

  2. JaxV

    I saw it in Johannesburg and could understand most, until my daughter started asking too many questions. It’s not an easy story to follow and sometimes it helps knowing the story or what it is about beforehand, CATS is one of those shows. Pity you did not enjoy it, it was lovely in Jhb.

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