get real – do you really think open relationships are going to work?

So Angelina Jolie thinks it’s OK to have an open relationship.  Huh, I bet she won’t be thinking that when old Brad comes home one morning with lipstick somewhere on his body and a fat smile on his face!

I’m not a prude, but this open marriage thing surely can’t work, can it?  It certainly wouldn’t in my house.  I’d turn into a demented-witch if my man thought he could get away with it.  No, I’m sorry, exchanging bodily fluids with somebody other than me would result in the loss of his manhood. In a rather vicious manner I hasten to add.

I also challenge all those people in steady relationships, who suggest doing this, to really think how they would feel if their partner took the initiative and suddenly declared, “hey Baby, thanks for giving me the freedom to bonk somebody else, cos last night I did.”  I’m betting suddenly they would be outraged their partner had actually done so and all hell would break loose.

And spare me the, well at least you’ll know who their sleeping with baloney, becasue that’s just a load of crap!

If you want many partners, don’t get married, stay out of long-term committed relationships, get divorced first, and for goodness sake fill up your pockets with multi-packs of condoms…


6 thoughts on “get real – do you really think open relationships are going to work?

  1. Neutral Man

    you know what surprises me about people who believe in open relationships, is that they get married (which is a monogamous institution) and then state that monogamous relationships don’t necessarily work. I mean if you’re gona follow a set way, follow it through and through… no need to get married, and believe in a long term partner, if you believe in open marriages/relationships. I would say that discipline, faithfulness, trust, and love is one thing that’s needed in a relationship. So to have an open relationship is opening oneself to many wounds, and opening oneself to a lot of heartache.To get spiritual/religious, God said to us people through his commandments, that you may worship no other Gods but me, for He is the one and only God. He also did say that he is a jealous God. The relationship to one’s life partner(wife/husband) is like the relationship with God/The Spirit/Jesus Christ (the holy trinity) with the church (the community of people that follow Lord Jesus Christ, not the building). So with my whole heart I believe that one should be monogamous. But we can not force others, they should see what best suits them… but I follow the Lord’s mantra and wisdom for us… 🙂

  2. Sluggo

    Excellent post! Those types of relationships will NEVER work, unless one of the parties is a complete subservient idiot who takes this type of b..s.. and no, not judging. Let’s see how long the Pitts last – something’s gonna give!!

  3. letterdash

    I actually read Kolobe’s post regarding this earlier.To answer the heading of your blog post: yes!Different strokes for different folks. There are many people out there who do have open relationships or marriages and for them it works. They do not force anyone else into their way of thinking and it’s certainly not for any of us to judge them.I know a few couples who have this arrangement and they have been married for over two decades already.Just stop for a minute and think about all the married men who are already sleeping around without their wife’s knowledge – I can assure you there are plenty of them around!:-)

  4. stellaekke

    My personal opinion about this? I think if it comes to Angelina and Brad, that they are a perfect example of a good celebrity marriage. Being in an “open” relationship surely does’nt give your partner the right to go ahead and sleep with anyone walking on two legs… I think it takes a lot of honesty and trust between two people to get to a stage to declare themselves open for others. I’m sure both of them did do endless discussions about this…come to think of it..are’nt they the celebrity couple who is married for the longest time, and still seem to be happy after all? Wether you are monogamous, polyamory or..having an open relationship, don’t think anyone are in a position to judge. We all have our preferences,and views 🙂

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