another set of stupid driving licence photos

Just returned from getting Driving Licence photo’s, and flipping heck I look like a flaming convict recently pulled over for a DUI offence. And duh, I paid fifty bucks for the pleasure to!

The old ones were pretty horrendous as well. In those I look as if my face had been squashed inside a small cube and only released moments before the camera flashed. Aaargh, I could end up spending a small fortune traipsing around having multiple photo’s taken until I end up with a set that half resemble a normal looking woman.

I’d like to blame the photographer, or even the camera, but in my heart I know the problem is me. Because without fail, every time I come face to face with a camera my top lip freezes and my eyes take on a moronic stare.

Photogenic I am not, and because of that stupid quality I’ll be stuck with an embarrassing and laughable drivers licence for yet another 10 years… anybody got Photoshop handy?


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