Green Point Traffic department – man with the runs and another with a headache.

Just spent about an hour and a half at Green Point applying for my new Drivers Licence.  And despite the time spent queuing, at 4 counters, I’m going to award them 8 out of 10 for their service. 

Once I reached my turn at 3 of the 4 counters, I found the staff to be courteous, informed and speedy.  They would have gotten a 9, but the fingerprint man let them down.  I’m not sure if he needed a tea break or had the runs, but twice he disappeared, leaving an ever increasing line of bewildered people about ready to fingerprint each other.  After his second trip away, another nice gentleman arrived to help, managing to get through 2 people for almost every 1 of the original-disappearing man.  I almost kissed him!

And finally, to the gentleman who left with a really-really bad headache, may I suggest that next time you exit/enter the traffic department, you keep your eyes open at all times and duck under the broken roller shutter door, it’s so much easier and less painful to the route you took of walking straight into it….


6 thoughts on “Green Point Traffic department – man with the runs and another with a headache.

  1. anotherdayinparadise

    Ouch! That must have hurt a whole lot. Glad you had a sort of nice experience at the licensing dept. You should have kissed him. Sure it would have made his day. ;->

  2. robinhawkins

    Hey. GOOD FOR YOU to put in a positive word for these people. So often we bitch and moan about poor service – I know I certainly do – and then stay silent when people do something nice or do something well. So full marks to you too.

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