skinny pants, mushroom belly…

I thought the best way to prevent further abuse of festive food and alcohol intake was to wear my tightest pair of pants this morning.   The chances of this working I can already tell are remote.  My mood has now shifted to misery as I glare at my mushroom physique i.e. thin legs resembling the stalk, and an ever expanding belly resembling…well you get the picture. 

Knowing myself so well, I can now feel my comfort eating habit kicking in, leaving me no choice but to eat hot and delicious peanut butter toast that will do nothing more than expand the belly more, but no-doubt cheer my soul.

Last night I went for a strenuous walk with a group of folk, which was great and I swear the weight was starting to melt away.  Half way through we had a drinks stop where I gulped a cider down and put the damn weight back on.  And then to top it all, we had supper where I ended up eating a greasy pizza that literally had oil dripping from it as I held it up to munch…

Rule 1 for 2010 – stop wearing skinny pants, or learn to like mushrooms more…


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