Back to School…

Much of  this mornings local news and debate on TV today focussed on “Back to School” and what we as parents expect for our children this year.  For me I think the answer can be summed up nicely in three words, namely, Educate our children.

I was disheartened not to hear any discussion on how the educators are going to this, and instead focussed on what went wrong last year.  It was a deja-vu moment, heard year in and year out for umpteen years.   Surely by now they would know what is going wrong. 

But if they don’t, would it not be pertinent for the relevant education departments to take direction from the private sector and instigate bi-yearly appraisal’s for staff and curriculum alike?   By doing this, wrists could be slapped, new focus could be given and of course pats on the back delivered to the many well deserving and dedicated educators we have. 

Likewise, students should be tested throughout the year, and be encouraged to take responsibility for their own education.  Don’t allow them to reach the end-of-year-exams to find they have insufficient knowledge to pass.  This is unfair and in some cases devestating.

And as a final note, I do not beleive a pass rate of 33% is acceptable. 

Our learners need guidance and structure, our teachers need clear direction, and our education department needs to take responsibility for it all.


2 thoughts on “Back to School…

  1. anotherdayinparadise

    Absolutely agree. The buck stops with our eduction dept. I feel that the problem lies with the lack of adequate teacher training. Teaching used to be a vocation, not just a job where you get away with as little work as possible.

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