Give me pizza, go stick your carrot sticks up your …

I’ve been counting the old calories big time this week, and so far I’ve done pretty darn good.  I’ve avoided the biscuit with my coffee, the delicious peanut butter toast mid afternoon, and even kept the still not opened Christmas choccies at bay.  Ridiculously last night I denied myself a trip to The Brass Bell for fear of eating greasy and wonderful hot chips with oil-saturated battered fish.  How frigging tragic is that.

But tonight I am out with hubby and friends for a farewell pizza and a glass of wine.

And damn it, I’m going to enjoy it!  Because if I see one more piece of lettuce I swear I’m gonna annihilate it.  And as for flipping carrot sticks, if they come near me they may just end up stuffed in an orifice that doesn’t belong to me!

7 thoughts on “Give me pizza, go stick your carrot sticks up your …

  1. Fionula

    I also notice how peanut butter always makes the baddy list… and he and I are great friends… Sigh… I miss him so! You go girl!

  2. rbh

    thank you all for your support. Report back is that pizza was great, but couldn’t finish it. Amazingly managed to send back the leftovers with no request for a doggie back. Back to the old lettuce and carrot sticks today!

  3. Moonz

    After reading about your discipline, and will power, I’m ashamed. Well done to you.. enjoy tonight. I am going to follow in your footsteps as of NOW 🙂

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