Spinsters are on the way out…

So now we know, if you’re over 50, single and female you can start calling yourself a Swoftie.  Yep no longer will you be classified as a spinster and spend the rest of your life knitting socks and preparing meals for one.  And finally you can wipe those sorrowful looks from family members faces who firmly believe you’re life sucks.

Yep, it’s time to get out some Lycra, rev up your adrenalin and bring out that passport. 

Because apparently- according to today’s Dailymail.co.uk – swofties enjoy exotic holidays, new technologies, clubbing, living life to the full, and then tweeting about it.  And if that’s not enough, they learn new skills, probably hit the gym regularly, and bonus, they meet plenty of new friends.  Goodness me is that not something to look forward to?   

Of course it does mean dumping the old man, but the benefits do seem rather attractive.  

But as I consider this prospect, I do have some personal reservations.  For one, could I even stay awake until 10.30pm before heading out for the night?  I have visions of arriving at the club only to be found slumped in a corner around 11 snoring my head off.  Then of course there’s the dancing.  Sadly this is a personal skill I am surely lacking and would embarrass myself no end.  But by far, the drinking is my biggest worry.  In my youth I could polish off most anything in mass quantities.  This has now diminished to 1 glass of wine a night.  From personal recent experience a second glass will have me out for the count on the bathroom floor – not an attractive sight I hasten to add.

As I have a few more years before I reach this magical age,  I think the best I can do to prepare myself is gradually increase my alcohol intake, take dancing lessons, join the gym and try and go at least once a year.  And of yes, get rid of the hubby.

I think I can manage all, except dumping the hubby.  I like having him around.  Possibly a better idea would be for both of us to hit the clubs, pretend we don’t know each other and see who can seduce who before falling asleep at the bar…


3 thoughts on “Spinsters are on the way out…

  1. A_Bit_of_This_and_a_Bit_of_That

    Im sure you may be pleasantly surprised Ruth, i took my Grandmother out last year for her 77th birthday. She didn’t take over the dance floor but stayed out with us pub crawling till 02:30am, she has however ditched the hubby perhaps that’s the secret to eternal youth 😉

  2. Sundancer

    Hahaha. Unfortunately having been forced into being single I now have to do all of the above and from somewhere you do get extra energy. However monday to thursday I stay at home.

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