Post-holiday abortion up by 7%

Marie Stopes is reporting a 7% increase in student post holiday abortions.  For goodness sake do teenagers not have anything else to do than to stay in bed all day…with a partner…and have sex? 

With the multi-media punting sex in just about everything they do, it’s not hard to understand why adolescent sex is rampant.    Only this morning I flipped my daughter’s magazine open to the 2010 astro forecasts, only to find all it could highlight were the best days for having sex and how best to go about initiating it.  Even the picture of my zodiac sign was a woman being taken from behind.  Thank you editor for that, should I diarise those dates now?  And as for the star sign, surprisingly I’m happy to stick with the scorpion.

But seriously, if this is the, unfortunate, way we are going, with adolescents  becoming sexually active at a far earlier age, then there is a responsibility to flaunt contraception as much as the sex act itself.   It is time to include more discussion at schools, as well as providing more advertising to Radio, TV, movies and music etc, where, let’s face it, teenagers are influenced most.     Likewise parents must also take responsibility and stop being prudes at home and provide dialogue or literature on “waiting” or using contraception.  Sit your kids down and discuss it with them.

As a final note, if we consider abortions have increased by 7%, then by what percentage will unwanted pregnancies reach full term?  A frightening amount I fear. 


6 thoughts on “Post-holiday abortion up by 7%

  1. CelticGranny

    This whole thing is very scary. If only really concerned people could get together & stopped watching these programmes on TV. Stopped buying magazines with story lines which laud casual sex. The only way to stop this is to hurt the TV, & magazines financially. Money always talks in this world.

  2. davidsdance

    Very very sad and I mentioned that story of Cin’s to my 17 year old yesterday and I said that I found it very sad that a teenage girl would write things like that – her main concern. The fact that her brother read her personal diary because there you can think and write whatever you want.I was gobsmacked that that was her primary concern, not that the girl had written very graphically what she would like about 10 guys to do to her!!

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