Flirting at La Med last night…

So last night I went to La Med.  I’ve not been there for years – and I mean years! – so was nicely surprised to see how it’s grown.  Anyway, I arrived there in my gym outfit, spanking new takkies and body hugging pants all set to walk with a similarly clad bunch of folk.  Sadly for me, as I arrived late,  the other walkers had left and there was nothing more to do than sit and have a drink until they returned.  Which is promptly what I did.

Now being in that wonderful phase of life when I couldn’t give two hoots how I was dressed, I was most comfortable sitting on the couch watching from behind my extremely dark glasses as all the lovely young men, of whom some were shirtless, strolled by.  And my oh my, was the view good.

But all the above is mostly irrelevant and only serves  to paint a picture.  The highlight of the night was that I swear blind there was some guy eyeing me up.  Gasp!  Yes it’s true, every time I looked at him, he was looking at me!  It was all I could do to control some girly giggling and embarrass myself stupidly. 

After several more casual glances and amazing control of my near hysterical lips, hubby arrived with the walkers and that was the end of that flirty moment. 

And the moral of the story is…it doesn’t matter what you wear or how old you are, if you’ve got it, you’ve got it….LOL!  How bloody modest is that.


7 thoughts on “Flirting at La Med last night…

  1. sore-eye

    Cooool post! When u got it, u got it.La Med… the good ‘ol days. Glad to hear it’s still thriving, albeit mostly for the fine-young-things.

  2. abracadaver

    it also proves that most men are sluts, no matter what you wear there is a chance of getting lucky.loved the post, brilliant

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