why do you drive around speedbumps?

So here’s the question, why do people drive around speed bumps as opposed to going around them? 

I mean, do they really think they are going to damage their precious car by driving carefully over it.  Or that for some reason as the speed bump is approached it will grow in height by a meter or so and require the use of 4×4 technology to traverse it?

Take for instance the speed bump near Springboks in Newlands.  It’s a perfectly normal speed bump, not too high, easily visible etc etc.  Every day I drive over this bump, and every day without fail I watch as drivers by-pass driving over it,  preferring instead to take a small section of the road where the bump wasn’t extended to.    It really is ludicrous as they often find themselves face to face with oncoming traffic, from where they have to smile sweetly as a form or apology, or glare to hide embarrassment depending on their mood.

I once followed a colleague to work along this route and watched in disbelief when she did the same thing.   I followed her into the parking area and while waiting for the lift I asked her why she did so. Amazingly, for a person of the 21st century, her husband had instructed her to do so to prevent damaging her clutch!   I have to wonder if her husband was Henry Ford in a previous life when possibly bumps etc were better avoided for fear of damage. 

It’s a bump in the road people to slow you down.  Next time you come face to face with it….DRIVE OVER IT!


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