Getting hubby to clean the car…

Without fail my man refuses point blank to clean my car, so I’ve devised a way of getting him to do so without him realising he’s been duped!

Picture this, Cape Town, Sunday afternoon, wife needs car cleaning.  What to do, what to do…

Hubby – “Darling I’m going to do some paperwork”

Me with my best helpless face yet sweetest smile – “OK, luv, I’m going to clean my car.  Do you know where the car shampoo is?” 

Lots of scuffling on Hubby’s part.  Chair pushed back swiftly from table, papers don’t even see daylight and remain enclosed in a file.

Hubby – “I’ll help you, let me fill the bucket, switch the hose on, dry the car off etc etc.”  Translation – let me take charge and enjoy myself thoroughly as I spray my wife with cold water as she attempts to reach the top of the car.

Works everytime…


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