show house blues…

Preparing for a show house must surely rank among the most time-consuming events on the planet.  While the aftermath of such is best described as frustratingly annoying.  This past Sunday serves my point.

Having been advised by said agent our sale was practically a done-deal, we agreed on the show house to allow our “buyer” a final walkthrough with his Aunt.    He’d already completed the offer to purchase, which would be presented to us that day, and so it seemed reasonable.

Sunday morning we arrived at the flat armed with a couple of cloths and a bottle of cleaning fluid.  Oh yes and the customary show house bunch of flowers.  I’d anticipated an hour maximum of leisurely strolling around hiding things in cupboards, if need be, and stopping for coffee as we went.  Goodness me, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Typically as soon as we started, we noticed this dirty mark here and that broken lamp there, and let’s not even go into the window cleaning we ended up doing.  

Suffice to say, two hours later, with flat sparkling that sunglasses were needed on entry, we left parched for coffee at home. 

Back home we collapsed in chairs and comforted our physical and mental beings from their state of shock.  It was Sunday after all, a day of rest, relaxing and eating way too much roast.  But with pens at the ready to sign the papers we managed to smile and yes we did eat too much roast.

Monday morning update.  No offer to purchase and no word from the agent.  Need I say anymore…


12 thoughts on “show house blues…

  1. rbh

    yeah, I think a lot are, but the ones who sold our house were really nice…But for sure, no more show-houses for us in the future

  2. anotherdayinparadise

    Sorry you had a bad experience.Estate agents are in my experience, the very worst people to deal with.They will lie through their teeth, promise the earth and then more often than not, they don’t get back to you. No show house for me.It’s just a tool they use to get more names of buyers and sellers.

  3. rbh

    good luck…we sold our house recently and said no show-houses, worked for us, but agent really, really wanted them. Hubby said no-way. But with the flat we said why not…mistake!

  4. rbh

    after leaving several messages, got a call back, “buyer” didn’t pitch…but there’s somebody else, who is “very keen”!gotta laugh…

  5. kat64

    Tacit agreement (verbally stating she had a firm offer to purchase albeit unsigned). Phone her and ask her what is happening… if you think her sevice is lacking, report her to her Boss, the franchise or estate agents board. There is no excuse for such bad service.Okay, tirade over.

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