decided to add some humour to my day at work…

As the last week or so have been really frustrating for me at work, I came in this morning and decided to make a stand.   Firstly I failed practically every piece of work sent to me for testing and then the work I could do I passed but added the additional comments…

….XYZ is working as requested, if this comes back from (demented woman testing on the other side of the planet – can’t put her real name here might get sued) then I will have a nervous breakdown.

I should note that the demented woman is based in the UK and has nothing better to do than irriate the living poop out of most of us with her unreadable requests.  It takes longer to decipher her cryptic notes than it does to develop and test put together.

Anyway after getting my sanity back, I attended a colleagues birthday lunch at Forries and have now come back for coffee and not much else…ahhhh what a lovely day it is…


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