12 year old forced to marry 80 year old…

How utterly disgusting is this story – courtesy iafrica.com.  A 12 year old Saudi female child has been forced to marry an 80 year old man – courtesy of her father.  And why was she forced to do so you may well ask?  Well the answer is simple, it was for money.  In exchange for this dispicable act her father received a sum of around $23000.00. 

Once married, the young girl had  pleaded for a divorce and was originally supported by her mother in this.  But now said mother has dropped this, claiming her daughter is happy with the marriage.   What makes matters worst are horrifying claims the marriage has been consumated.

I’m almost speechless save for some expletives that are best aired verbally…


2 thoughts on “12 year old forced to marry 80 year old…

  1. XENA

    Some of our African traditions are really disgusting! This amounts to no less than child trafficking and enslavement of a minor!have a great week!namasteXena;}

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