SAX appeal Rocks

So today is the day, SAX appeal has arrived.  In all honesty the magazine is a load of bollocks for me, but the money goes to a good cause and so with good thoughts I bought the first one thrust my way.  I should add that even if the seller hadn’t been a skimply dressed young man, I would still have made my purchase. 

I’m not sure what their theme is this year, but at a guess I would think “less is beautiful”, or “wear whatever you like as long as there’s not a lot of it.”  Whatever it is, I think they look great and have a lot of balls (pun unintended) to flaunt their bodies in hope of prising money from a mass of miserable looking old crocks transporting precious cargo to private schools in the southern suburbs.

So come on you bunch of moaners, take out your R20 and buy a magazine.  Leave it in the car and wave it back at the students and enjoy their cheers of thanks.  Forgive them for disrupting your traffic flow and take part in this fun and worthy cause.

My personal thanks must surely go to the young man in little more than a G-string and bodypaint near the Engen garage in Newlands, you made my day…


6 thoughts on “SAX appeal Rocks

  1. PheasantPlucker

    Come on Boereseun where we not just like that when we were young. Let them have some fun for the day, all the better for a good cause.

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