Dear Mr Commission Tribunal, can I have a refund for my bread?

I see that Pioneer Foods has been fined R195m for its part in colluding towards a fixed bread price, as well as setting price increase dates.  This is great, and well done to The Commission Tribunal for investigating and prosecuting them.


What I would now like to know is how do I – and everybody else for that matter – apply for refunds for being ripped off in this matter?  Do I have to provide proof of purchase, empty bread bags and or bread tags?  Whichever you need Mr Commission Tribunal, I can supply.  I hope the sarcasm is noted.


Realistically though, I really want to know what happens to all that money?  Yes it goes towards covering costs incurred by The Commission Tribunal, but there is no way it cost them R195m.  So where is it going?  Are there programs being funded to empower and better the less fortunate?  Will we see a bread price decrease subsidized with this mound of money.  Or will it – as I suspect – go into the coffers of The Commission Tribunal to be spent at their leisure on anything and everything other than bread related scenarios?


I fear the cynic in me leaves me with little hope of this money doing any good for the man in the street.  But I’m challenging The Commission Tribunal to come out and tell us:

  • where is the money going?

5 thoughts on “Dear Mr Commission Tribunal, can I have a refund for my bread?

  1. robinhawkins

    You forget to mention that a few other products were listed, and these are controlled by Tiger Brands, who have been found guilty of exactly this and fined large amounts a good few times already. Obviously these fines, though seemingly large to us, mean nothing to such juggernauts. Imagine their profits if they are able to ignore such “warnings”. It is mindboggling and VERY DISGUSTING. But then, of course, their stockholders don’t eat bread, they eat cake.

  2. kevinmatthews

    Instead of paying a fine they should reduce the cost of bread by a rand a loaf for 195million loaves, then we will also see who the retailers are that pass the savings on!!!!!!!

  3. MsDiva

    Some Radio DJ was saying they should supply the country with free bread for a full year, every single day, i think that would have been even better punishment. How dare they. I buy bread for R9.00 a loaf

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