Cape Town Soccer Stadium is amazing…

I was fortunate enough this Saturday to spend the afternoon watching the first Rugby Match at the new Soccer stadium.  And apart from a couple of little things, I have to say the stadium and facilities are awesome. 

It took us about 50 minutes from time of leaving home to time of placing bums on seats, which I thought was pretty darn good.  We drove there, and yes there was a lot of traffic, but the officials were great, directing us well and always with a smile.    Leaving at the end of the match took us a little longer to get out of the  parking areas, but let’s be honest with around 40000 enthusiasts attempting to vacate at the same time, it was to be expected.

The ladies loo’s – always a place of contention for us gals – were brilliant.  There were banks of them, all clean, tidy, working and no queues.  The hand wash area was just the same, and although the water from the taps was a trickle, I couldn’t complain.

The structure itself is really impressive and my hubby said he thought the stadium resembled a vuvuzela emerging from the earth.

Here are a couple of photo’s for those not lucky to have visited yet…


9 thoughts on “Cape Town Soccer Stadium is amazing…

  1. kat64

    Too high up in the stands for me. My tummy did flick-flacks just looking down onto the field in the pics.Glad you enjoyed it, though.

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