World Cup Tickets – is there a conspiracy against me?

I’m gutted!  I didn’t get my World Cup Soccer tickets.  And adding to my misery, the one and only game I wanted to see is not available in the latest ticket sales phase. 


Not wishing to miss the chance of participating in this great event, I have lifted my weary head and heart and applied for the Portugal v Korea match.  With all digits crossed, locked and held, I hope like hell I’m successful this time.  I’m choosing to ignore this morning’s comments by a Fifa representative that 6 billion people are applying for only 400000 tickets.  For if I believe this, it would appear my success rate is sitting around the 0.0000000000000000000000000008% mark.


I’m not alone in my disappointment though, several of my colleagues also didn’t get tickets.  But likewise one of my colleagues managed to apply in both phases, and successfully purchased tickets for 7 games.  If it wasn’t for this lucky lass being such a good friend, I might have been forced to lodge an official complaint!


Conspiracy theory springs to mind.  With “us” disappointed folk firmly believeing “those” successful peeps had a head start on us.  We haven’t decided why this is so, but it helps to brew the resentment nicely.


Suffice to say, if I don’t get these tickets, my vuvuzela will be posted on gumtree faster than you can say “ag, shame…”


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