Give me some veggies please!

Is there a shortage of vegetables?  Or are we stock piling veggies for a deluge of foreign visitors attending the Soccer World Cup? Unless the answer to both these questions are YES, then somebody in the restaurant fraternity had better have a valid explanation for only giving me 4 beans and a couple of carrot shards with my main course…and then having the cheek to refer to this as seasonal veggies.  It is maddening.


For goodness sake dear Chefs of the world, how difficult can it be to top and tail beans, or julienne sufficient carrots for a decent portion?  As part of your training do you not have to study nutrition and portion size?  If you do, then I am left to assume you failed that part of your exam, because I’m  pretty sure a portion means more than 4 beans.  And let’s be honest, you have a kitchen full of staff at your beck and call, give them something to do, hand them a bowl of brussells to prepare for goodness sake.


My most recent experience of this was this past Sunday at 1682, the new Bistro at Steenberg.  I ordered the line fish with nicoise vegetables and puree potatoes.  As a side note puree potatoes sounds like baby food, but that’s a gripe for another day.  When my food arrived, my nicoise veggies consisted of 6 capers, 4 or 5 halves of baby-cherry tomatoes and 4 halves of quail eggs, all lined up at the bottom of my plate.  I thought this was the garnish, but nope, that was the veggies.  And to say the cherry tomatoes and quail eggs were tiny is an understatement.  Two scoops and they were just about finished.


I think the time has come to stop being so clever in the kitchen.  If you must focus on infusion, then do so, but try and infuse bigger portions of veggies onto my plate.


10 thoughts on “Give me some veggies please!

  1. rbh

    in future perhaps instead of taking a bottle of wine and paying corkage, we should take along veggies and pay Vegage! That sounded pretty doff didn’t it…lol!

  2. GarethVorster

    Love you last line..LOLI noticed a trend while living in the UK Ruth – the movement was called ‘Gastro pubs’ – the idea was for the traditional english pub to concentrate more on better food, than just the usual sarnie, or fish and chips.The result was less food, but at double the price.I ordered a meal at a local eatery on Sunday…the menu said: “served with potato wedges” ‘Yay’ I thought, until I recieved two potato wedges…’fuck it’ I thought in my my head…luckily the meal was delicious, and fulling, so couldnt complain.

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