My newest favourite word is…



Hell I love that word.  I only recently learnt the true meaning of it – courtesty dear sweet daughter – and morning, noon and night I try to utilise it. 


Even the hubby loves it, which is mighty bizarre when he considers swearing etc as positively deplorable.


So for good measures, this morning I’d like to say:


“The outfit I put together for work this morning is FUGLY”


And when I’ve really got my blood boiling:


“If that fat, smelly guy at the office who likes to display his plumbers crack comes near me I’m gonna tell him he’s FUGLY!”


Anybody else got a new or favourite word to share?  



9 thoughts on “My newest favourite word is…

  1. Sundancer

    It is quite a nice descriptive word. There is also bugly (big and ugly) which I have to confess was the nickname for my cousin’s wife.

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