Isn’t curling for old ducks?

I thought curling was a sport for old ducks and their retired spouses.  I would never have believed it was a sport for the younger generation.  So this morning, while watching glimpses of the Winter Olympics, I was pleasantly surprised to see teams of young woman frantically sweeping the ice as they direct their stone to a winning position. 


I was so intrigued by this sport, I have scoured the internet this morning for the rules of curling, and this is what I found:


Each tournament starts with 10 teams. The competition begins with two teams at a time who compete on the ice. The curling teams push 19.1kg stones while they are aiming for a series of rings. The object of curling is for the stones to reach as close to the middle ofthe rings as possible. Every member of the 4 person curling teams will throw (slide) 2 stones in each of the 10 ends that comprise a game. The curling part of curling is that 2 members of each team sweep the ice in front of the stone to try to direct where it goes and how fast it gets there. The team with the most stones near the rings’ center wins the curling match.


My other favourite Winter Olympic sports are The Luge and Bobsleigh.  The speed athletes reach on equipment that resembles either a fancy tin tray, or modified pram is unbelievable.   They must surely have first grade oil in their veins as opposed to blood. 

The figure skating is nice, but a bit wishy-washy for me.  As a young girl – pre teen that is – I loved it though.  And could quite happily fall in love with all the male skaters and picture myself one day participating in such a romantic event.  Sadly my skating skills are lacking, and as for the skimpy outfits, well let’s rather not comment on how I would look. 

I’m hoping to catch some more coverage this evening as a colleague has intrigued me with the shooting events, until then, happy blogging and  happy Thursday to you all…


10 thoughts on “Isn’t curling for old ducks?

  1. najsyu

    That has got to be the funniest sport ever invented by man, it even beats the idea circumcision will prevent aids infection..I just cannot get enough of that sport, its facinating to watch the sweepers as the thrower dude slides down the track behind his beloved pet rock…

  2. anotherdayinparadise

    Yes, we are enjoying watching too. It’s absolutely breathtaking to watch the Luge. They are either very brave or totally reckless. Both I suppose.

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