Trumpeting while walking the dogs…below the belt blog

Let’s hope the old hubby hasn’t taught himself to use a computer, and or the Internet for that matter, because he might be a little embarrassed…


So here we are, hubby and I strolling around the leafy suburbs, walking the doggies, when from know where a thunderous trumpeting occurs. 


I’m quite taken aback and look to hubby for answers, only to find him grinning like a school boy and blushing like a fool.  The bugger is farting like a trooper!  I give him a horrified stare and as he laughs so he trumpets again.  The man is uncontrollable, the more he laughs the more they come.  I swear the dogs started speeding up in an attempt to flee.


I on the other hand share a few choice words with him, before scanning the vicinity for other unsuspecting dog-walkers and stollers, who could well be forgiven for thinking the QE2 was approaching.


Notes to self: remove trumpeting fodder from supper menu.  Failing that, monitor wind direction and stay well ahead of hubby…


13 thoughts on “Trumpeting while walking the dogs…below the belt blog

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  2. half-pint

    lol, amazing how they never outgrow certain things!The trouble only startedWhen Uncle Fester farted.He farted through the keyholeAnd paralysed the cat.xx

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