Tea lady or bounty hunter?

We must surely have the most miserable tea-lady on the planet.  Goodness me, she looks as if she’ll trip over her bottom lip any day now.  It’s nothing new, this grumpiness thing. No, it’s been there from day 1.   Added to this she is pretty bleak at doing her job and nobody – including me – has the balls to confront her.  I think mostly out of fear she’ll doctor your favourite beverage or beat the living poop out of you.


She also refuses to greet anybody and will wait all day for you to acknowledge her before she will utter a single word towards you.  Also, if she doesn’t like you, of whom there are many of us, she refuses to remove cups etc from your desk and will grunt and point at crockery until you hand it over.  In fact she has just come to my desk – at which point my fingers froze over my keyboard – and swiped my bowl with such disdain I almost felt like apologizing for eating this morning.


Our other tea-ladies are quite the nicest, actually no, only one of them is.  The other more senior lady has serious anger management issues. She has the type of glare that leaves you shaking and your insides curdling. Heaven forbid you spill a drop of milk in her company, eish, the backlash is worst than 50 lashes at dawn.


A previous tea-lady had a drinking problem, not at work, but socially.  This often meant she wouldn’t arrive on a Monday, but she was good when she was here.  Until she attended to meetings that is.  Then she would slam the beverage tray on the table that left no doubt in anybody’s mind that she was not impressed with all the extra work, and heaven help you if you didn’t drink everything and leave plenty of biscuits for her.  Sadly she left, and miserable-tea-lady arrived.


After much consideration, I firmly believe these lovely tea-ladies have missed their vocation and would be much better suited at debt collection or bounty-hunting.  If I close my eyes I can seem them chasing defaulters while threatening them with urns and tea trays.  Their success rate will be phenomenal.


10 thoughts on “Tea lady or bounty hunter?

  1. Corner_Flag

    Tea ladies really set the tone for your workplace ne. I must say we have a few that share that responsibility and they love me so my tea cups are always taen away

  2. bambina

    I thought it was just tea ladies I knew!We had one who refused to rinse a bowl if left in the sink because she only made tea and coffee … and the bowl wasn’t part of her job description.She was called in, asked what her problem was…and after a few days of sulking, she left and never came back!

  3. GarethVorster

    A grumpy tea lady – goodness me, perhaps sit her down and make her watch Mary Poppins – that should cheer her up or make her run for the hills…LOL

  4. najsyu

    It wasnt mean it was very funny.. as I had told her I could do magic and fed her a whole lot of bull first, when it bubbled over that was that she was convinced I was the devil she still calls me satan five yrs later..Go ahead ask the lady why she is so down/angry/unhappy or what… she may just be shy?

  5. rbh

    you are a far braver person than I! I will need some real courage to do that, but you’ve got me thinking. Yuk, eno’s in the sugar…that’s mean, lol!

  6. najsyu

    LOL..Tackle her ask what the problem is…I had an office manager like that, who refused point blank to greet me for the first 6mnths I worked here… one day it was too much so I asked if she wanted more lemons or just a top up of the pool acid she was drinking…I thought my wages would go missing but she lightened up and is now wrapped nicley around my humourous finger..Office refreshment managers are people too, ask her what her problem is, maybe she needs a laugh or a friendly person to recognise her, or maybe she doesnt speak the taal to well..?You wont know if you dont ask?Let us know what happens…Ps: our lady refuses to make tea for me as I put enos in the sugar bowl once, and a rubber snake in her handbag… *sulks* she has never forgotten that prank…I just make my own and keep the pranks flowing to her detriment, infact when things go wrong I always get blamed first!

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