Advocate Barbie – sick is far too polite…

I fail to understand how convicted child molester Cézanne Visser – Advocate Barbie – has been given leave to appeal for bail, when she should in fact have been thrown into jail the moment her sentence was given.

I am in full agreement with The Child Abuse Action Group who have referred to this pending bail as sick – use this link to article for further detail

As far as I’m concerned the woman is

  1. Guilty as hell
  2. Destroyed the lives of several young women
  3. Deserves no further leniency

Even the 7 year sentence is unacceptable.  The abused young women will live with the scars for life, while this paedophile will serve a short jail time and then have the ability, on release, to blend back into society with a new name, a new home and a full life as if nothing has happened.  If they are suffering for life, then she should be behind bars for life.

And let us not forget that while she is in jail, she will be given free medical attention, including counseling and psychotherapy, financed by the taxpayer, while her victims will have to fund these vital services for recovery themselves.  It is high time guilty verdicts include the forfeiture of  paedophiles assets and subsequent awarding to victims to cover their costs of medical recovery. 

Send her to jail, take away her money, and throw away the key…


9 thoughts on “Advocate Barbie – sick is far too polite…

  1. rbh

    I hate to say it, but I think some women can if they have nobody or nothing to turn to, but that still wouldn’t make it right.But she is an educated woman with a brain and the means to walk away. Plus she is a lawyer, you would think she would know the law of the land.

  2. benmica

    She will most probably spent time in jail. But remember she must rehabilitate. I have known men (and women) that manipulated their partners as well as friends. I feel sorry for her because she was manipulated. I have seen it. And I am not soft on her because I was molested as a boy.

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