Glamour Oscar evening

So last night I put on my one and only smart-function-dress and made my way to The Table Bay Hotel at the Waterfront for Glamour Magazines Oscars event.


I was extremely excited at the thought of rubbing shoulders with celebrities and held onto my hubby’s arm as we made our way down the red carpet.  We paused while photo’s of the guest ahead were taken, using this ideal opportunity to straighten our attire in preparation for our paparazzi moment.  Well hello, weren’t we just idiots.  Nobody gave a hoot who we were, no photo’s, no interview, just a cursory smile and motion to walk past the cameras and other beautiful people, who apparently were celeb’s, and apparently are the only people on the planet who can talk.


Once in, we consoled ourselves with 2 glasses of bubbly each, taking care not to swallow the crystal at the bottom of the glass.  Mostly out of fear of choking, but really because we secretly beleived one of ours would be engarved with Shimansky, and would thus entitle us to claim the R10000.00 diamond on offer.  We tucked them away in my bag, which curiously was decorated with identical crystals as those in the glass. 


We mingled with friends and colleagues and tried to spot celebs.  The only couple I knew were Jeannie D, from Top Billing, who was a great MC by the way, and of course Miss South Africa –  who thankfully hadn’t found time to remove her winning sash yet, thus making identification far easier for all.  Oh yes, Jen Su was there.  And goodness, doesn’t she have such a lovely smile, and such a pretty girl.


Jeannie D had the most amazing heels on, and she could walk in them.  During her intro she pointed out Lady Kitty Spencer, who most people I was with went “who”, and that was about it.  If there were any other celeb’s, may I take this moment to suggest next year you wear name tags to be more apparent.


Outside was the Jameson’s bar, where painfully thin and pretty young girls served any kind of Jameson’s combination you could imagine.  It was quite a popular place to be and cameras were actively focusing on the same group of 4 ladies as they moved from spot to spot.  I took a moment to ask the camera lady who she was filming, she had no idea, other than Jen-Su, who it seemed everybody knew.  At one stage one of the nameless three stood on the couch and flicked her dress up revealing her broekies to all and sundry.  I’m hoping for her sake the camera was turned away.


The Table Bay decor was great and the vibe there was wonderful.  Sadly the food was not.  Our starter was a tomato consomme served in a martini glass.  What this amounted to, was a cold stock drink with bits of avo floating around.  Admittedly there was a baby tomato on a toothpick, but in essence it was awful.  The main course of chicken was nice and tasty and the dessert was pretty and quite nice.  Overall score then: Decor 10, Food -3.


Of the party I was with, 4 won prizes.  3 being designer sunglasses, and the other winning the much coveted night at the Table Bay with a massage for both people thrown in. 


Overall, not a bad night out.  I think I’d go again, but next time I might pretend to be a celeb and take hold of that blooming microphone and champion something about world peace…anybody want to join me?




15 thoughts on “Glamour Oscar evening

  1. rbh

    you know what, you are so right, because when Jeannie D arrived she did just that, took her shades and put them on and grabbed the mic with another hand

  2. rbh

    good idea, and maybe somebody with a diary and cellphone frantically trying to arrange interviews with CNN or SKY for me…

  3. JournoJen

    Sounds like a very eventful evening! Maybe you just need to arrive with a big entourage and then everyone will assume you are famous!

  4. rbh

    Yikes, going commando is not my favourite, so best I replace my Bridget Jones ones with something more glamourous if I ever become a celeb.

  5. GarethVorster

    It sounds like you went to a fabulous evening, but lacking in celebrities? SA doesnt really have celebs does it? unless your name is Joost, or Jub Jb and you like drag racing and using school children as skittles.

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