I made it to number 1, but sadly it wasn’t good!

Hi everyone,


It’s been a while.  Firstly I moved house and didn’t have time or the internet to continue blogging. And then, probably more importantly, I was named and shamed as the top internet user at the office.  Needless to say I beat a hasty retreat from cyber-space.  Apparently it wasn’t the length of time I was on-line, but rather the bandwidth used.  Out of curiosity, does anybody else have problems with bandwidth use when blogging?   As a slightly gloating side note, I was pretty chuffed to finally claim the number one spot for something, having never been top of the leader board for anything, ever in my life!  But that’s just between you and I.


So this past weekend I hit the shops and came home with a couple of bags of goodies including a pair of interesting shoes.  They’re actually pumps with a lot of bling on the front.  Nothing unusual about that you may well be thinking.  But it’s the shape that got me…and then the eventual state of my feet.   Now when you see them hanging in the shop, they look more like slippers.  They’ve got elasticated sides which pull the shoes at the toe and  heel, effectively rolling them towards themselves. It’s kind of hard to describe, but us girls will know what I’m talking about.  Anyway, they flatten out nicely once on your feet and I wore them for lunch yesterday. 


Midway that lunch I could feel my toes and heels being rolled and pulled upwards as my shoes began to re-claim their original shape.  It was the most bizarre thing my feet have ever experienced.  Indeed I began to wonder if I would be hobbling from the restaurant, and wondered if to counter this stance futuristically I would be better prepared to wear a Kimono!


Suffice to say I made it home, tossed the old pumps to the back of the cupboard and watched them curl up almost with glee.


Chat soon




Posting this from work, but catching up with everyone from home tonight…


11 thoughts on “I made it to number 1, but sadly it wasn’t good!

  1. Moonz

    Welcome back Ruth. Congrats on the NO 1 spot LOL!!!Oy at the shoes.. .take them back!! I would send them to the head office 🙂

  2. supagran

    Opps re the bandwidth, bit embarrassing that. I know the type of shoes you mean, I wondered if they would kind of slip off.

  3. anotherdayinparadise

    Great to see you back Rose. Glad the move went well. New shoes can be very unpredictable, don’t I know it!!

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