School holiday traffic joy…ahhhhh bliss…

Ah, the delight of driving to work during school holidays.  Is it bliss or what?  No school run mothers in their designer 4×4’s to contend with.  No bored to poopless school run fathers wishing they could dump their kids at the nearest bus stop.  And no ranting lift club parents competing with screeching kids while concentrating on the road. 


Without any of the above I had the most pleasant fifteen minute excursion to the office this morning.  Not even the red robots I encountered could fluster my mood. And come to think of it, not even a taxi got in my way.  I feel wonderful.  In fact I don’t even need a caffeine fueled beverage, I could survive with a mint tea…well maybe not mint!


Taking a quick glance at my calendar I see I have only 2 days left of this delight before the schools open their doors and the road mayhem begins.  And my oh my, am I going to savour those 2 days…


6 thoughts on “School holiday traffic joy…ahhhhh bliss…

  1. sore-eye

    Sooo true – been driving round CTN all day and had highways to myself – quiet before the storm, I reckon – during WC 2010 you won’t be able to even CYCLE between lanes it’ll be so chaotic.

  2. GarethVorster

    Ah Ruth…school run mothers in their designer 4×4’s….aaaargh! School, then pedi, then gym, or is that gym, then pedi, then lunch with the girls, then make a list to complain to the teacher about, then aternoon nap, no too busy for that, I have to arrange a party, then shopping, then pick up the kids… lol have a good day.

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