what was I thinking ,or should that be wearing that day?

I can live through most emotion evoking situations, but cringe-worthy situations have me heading for the hills. And for that reason alone I like to be fully in-control of my inner-self, which is pretty easy when you consider I was born into the stiff-upper lip British brigade.


But sometimes I get it all wrong, and worst yet the realization of doing something so stupid that cringe-worthy is a kind descriptor, will come back to haunt me absolutely years later. Even now while I’m thinking about what I’m about to divulge, I can feel my body rolling into a classic ball of embarrassment, while my face is contorting with pain. I’m starting to perspire as well, but I’m writing that off as a peri-menopausal symptom.


Picture this, Menlyn Park, Woolworths, approximately 25 years ago.


Here I come, sauntering through the centre on a bright sunny day. New baby in her pram, me beaming with pride. As I mossy about, I notice and respond to the far more than normal friendly faces that are smiling broadly towards me. I quicken my pace and grin even wider than my face can really cope with as my heels click on the polished floor, my legs bare and still in good shape.


I arrive at Woolies – which just happens to be my place of employment when not on maternity leave – and go in search of my husband, who also just happens to work there. Now I don’t have a huge circle of friends, and to be fair I try to blend in and survive with having a few good relationships with my colleagues, so it’s most surprising to find myself surrounded by practically all the staff I work with. Plus they all look so happy to see me, the smiles on their faces are enormous.


Picture this, Cape Town, approximately 24 years later – no longer employed at Woolworths


Here I sit, blushing and cringing. No wonder everybody was smiling. They weren’t happy to see me, no they were bloody well laughing at me. The shame of it all, I was wearing my flipping pyjamas! And not just the normal and somewhat expected pants of these days that are border line casual pants. No, I went the whole hog. There I was in pyjama shorts – candy striped ones at that – with a matching lemon sleeveless t-shirt.  And have you forgotten the heels I had on! I can’t even think of a way to describe how I must have looked. All I can wonder is, could I have looked anymore stupid if I’d tried?


Sadly I can only reply – NO I BLOODY WELL COULDN’T!


Note to self:


  1. Don’t ever go back to Menlyn Park
  2. Don’t ever be fooled by an unusual amount of smiling aimed directed my way
  3. Don’t ever try and work for Woolworths again, they will no doubt have on record my lack of ability to dress suitably

And finally and most importantly

  1. Take your pyjamas off before you leave the house


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