these 2 news stories caught my eye…how about you?

The morning news seems to on a par with the last few days i.e. world cup shockers and politicians spouting words of in-consequence – much of which will be forgotten by mid-morning tea time anyway.


But a couple of things caught my eye, how about you?

  • Russian Spies nabbed in America – CNN, SKY and various other news media took it pretty seriously, but Bill Clinton and Vladimir Putin had a giggle about it all.  It’ll be interesting to see whose reaction is correct.   Without dismissing it completely, I’m thinking it’s not that serious, but rather a well planted story to overshadow the old US being knocked out of the world cup. Never mind they can always start their own World Cup and only invite American teams to participate.
  • Elin Nordegren v Tiger Woods – seems Ms Nordegren beat Tiger on the final green and is about to take home GBP500million for the privilege.  Wonder if she gets a trophy to hold above her head as she exits the  Divorce court?  Of course there’s a catch to it, for the rest of her life she can’t talk about, write about, and probably even think about Tiger and his sexploits.  Hell, I’d keep quiet for that kind of boodle.  Actually I’d keep quiet for about the price of a coffee and slice of lemon meringue pie right now.  On a more sobering note Ms Nordegren, if you should futuristically run short, may I suggest you take up golf?   You certainly demonstrated a good swing when smashing the car window with a club. 


Note to self:

in my next life:

1. marry a golfer

2. if he is Russian, check his golf bag for surveillance equipment before saying I do


2 thoughts on “these 2 news stories caught my eye…how about you?

  1. anotherdayinparadise

    That Russian spy story is very weird Rose. As for Elin, I say “Good on you. You deserve it. Be more careful if you marry again. It’s not money which is the most important thing in life.” Have a great day Ruth

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