Does my bunny need a mate?

So here’s my problem. We woke up about a month ago and found a little, fluffy, black rabbit in the middle of our garden.  Because we have dogs we tried our best to catch the little thing before they did.  But despite all our efforts the rabbit refused to be caught, preferring instead to make a home under our shed. 


We advertised in the area and nobody came forward to claim him/her.  And so during this month or so, we’ve fed the rabbit, provided straw and clean water, and generally let him have full freedom of the garden.  Yes when the dogs spot him they bound out, but boy is that rabbit fast, he’s under that shed before they even realise they’ve missed him.


He’s become quite tame and we can stroke him now, and he especially enjoys taking apple from our hands.  We even bought him a hutch to use when he wanted, but to date he hasn’t even taken a sniff near it, much preferring to stay warm and sung under the shed with some straw.


We’ve grown attached to our rabbit, and enjoy watching  him hopping around the garden, even forgiving him for munching his way through every seedling I plant as soon as I turn my back.  But I’m wondering if he needs rabbit-mates?  I worry he’s lonely.


So help me out bloggers, should we take him somewhere where there are other rabbits and maybe have him more confined?  Or should we let him stay put and leave the same way he arrived, all the while having as much freedom as he could possibly ask for?




6 thoughts on “Does my bunny need a mate?

  1. bronnie.l

    i’m with you on this one… how many bunnies does one want to feed (unless you are partial to free range rabbit)it seems to have done okay so far. and it WON’T like the hutch after loping around like that

  2. uk-wizard

    Catch and take to the vet – or it’s 50:50 you will end up with lots of little bunnies. Let he/she/it take its chance under the shed, mine lived for years under our shed with cats and dogs about.

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