Pet hate number 32.67.aa.ii – Paper Towel Dispenser Hell

Actually this point covers two pet hates that surround one thing:


Paper towel dispensers in public places


Give me strength, why do these bloody things have to be positioned so high up on a wall that as you lift your hands to retrieve the bloody paper the excess water from washing runs down your arms, up your sleeves? I hate this, for me it’s like the feeling you get when playing that Halloween game where you are blindfolded and made to stick your hand in cold gooey jelly or hold peeled grapes. Eewwww, horrible!


And then of course, why do these blooming machines always:


a)       run out of paper when you need it, and

b)       refuse to dispense paper even though it’s full. This one really gets me going. The machine at work I swear has got an evilness in it compared to none. Practically every time I use it, it holds onto the paper, teasing me with mere millimeters of paper that no amount of gripping and pleading results in a sheet. And then of course, coupled with the first point as I’m gripping and pleading, more water is up my sleeve and I’m in paper towel dispenser hell.


Notes to self:

Don’t go to the bathroom at all, unless you are at home, regardless of how many hours you are out

Take a spare loo roll in your handbag to use for hand drying

Don’t open handbag unless you are sure said loo roll won’t fall out and embarrass you – chasing an errant loo roll is really not good for ones image


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