Coupons for meals – do you use them?

I’m not sure if this is a new concept, or if I’ve been a bit slow on the uptake, but lately I’ve taken to snipping out coupons for my favourite restaurants that will entitle me to a free meal of some sort.


A colleague brought in his latest booklet of coupons and we scoured the pages taking out the coupons we needed. It was amusing as we live in different areas and enjoy different restaurants, so we had to check on both sides of each page before snipping to ensure we weren’t cutting out another voucher that either of us could use. While we were doing this, he happened to mention that it was quite odd to use coupons and it seemed like an “American” concept.


Mulling this over I was reminded of a friend who I met some time ago for a drink and a bite to eat. At the end of the evening she sheepishly brought out a voucher and felt extremely embarrassed about using it. It was almost a case of, well I can afford to eat here I don’t need a voucher, so should I really be using it.


So I’m starting to wonder if we are snobbish about using them, or just unfamiliar.


Anybody else used them or not wanted to use them, I’m very interested to know.


By the way – I’ve used them at Sinns before and I currently have 2 very nice ones for The Brass Bell and Pastis to use shortly


13 thoughts on “Coupons for meals – do you use them?

  1. rbh

    yeah, I know what you mean…could go something like this:”Er excuse me Mr Ramsay could I offer you this rather attractive voucher as part payment for my starter?”Chef Ramsay “F#$K off!”

  2. bronnie.l

    I never used to use them… but as a friend said, its a recession on folks… in the UK for certain restaurants to be honest, you are a bit of an idiot if you pay full price (eg italian franchise restaurants) but I know what you mean. to use a meal deal voucher to eat at a ramsay restaurant seems cheap. haven’t done that yet but might do, although it means a set menu, at least i can say i went!

  3. anotherdayinparadise

    Just booked a meal at “Butcher Boys” for Thursday night. Had an sms to offer a free bottle of wine with the meal. Nothing wrong with using coupons at all. Why not?

  4. Storm10

    I used mine at a beauty salon on Saturday, booked a R420 treatment and payed R320. The owner was very pleased that I used the coupon and I had a great treatment that otherwise I would not have had. I usually get enough coupon booklets to give to everybody at work and they love it!

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