Need to change my service provider – Help needed

Having just been presented with a massive internet bill for both my daughters, I need to shop around and find a cheaper solution.  Does anybody have suggestions?  Neither of them have land lines, so the options can only be wireless. 

Cell C have quite a good one, 24GB for R1499 for 12 months.  Basically 2GB a month for a year.  A colleague said  if I have a modem then the price comes down to R999, but not entirely sure about that.  Anybody heard about that one, or used it.

I know I should be phoning around and surfing the net for information, but inevitably what you read is often hiding numerous catches or additional costs such as 2 year contracts.  So first hand information would be much appreciated.

thanks muchly Laughing


9 thoughts on “Need to change my service provider – Help needed

  1. rbh

    done that, but service providers don’t cut you off immediately, it can take up to 24 hours before they do so, during which you can carry on surfing.

  2. bronnie.l

    Have you thought of iburst? they are not landline based – oh wait, santana just said that.(not the fastest but they work okay)

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