Did somebody discover that Santa actually wore a silver stetson?

No sooner was Halloween dealt with, when the Xmas decorations were brought out.  Yes people, the retailers are out in full force.  Baubles, glitter, reindeer antler head gear, to name a few, are staring you in the face.  And as for Xmas munchies, hell there are enough chocolate balls in Woolies to send you running for the treadmill.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but not sometime near the end of October.   Arriving at Cavendish this week, I groaned when I saw the festive decor in place.  I couldn’t even avert my gaze to something non-festive as the central piece is about as big as a giant Redwood. 

But back to the festive goodies, is it my imagination or is it all the same as last year? 

The silver stetsons in Woolies are defiantely a repeat.  But I have to question this items relation to the event.  

I mean really, has somebody unearthered a never-before-seen-photo of Santa riding a reindeer, while wearing a stetson?  If so, can somebody please google it and post it. And while you’re at it, let me know how he managed to transport all those gifts on horse-back.  This of course defuncts all the myths associated with Christmas, and I am considering that maybe, just maybe, Santa actually lives on a ranch in Texas, and that his elves are really rodeo riders who moonlight at Xmas for a couple of extra bucks.  I’m not even going to ask what happened to Rudolph and his mates, I can already feel myself getting emotional.

I can see it now, Xmas eve, Santa astride his horse, he tilts his silver stetson, he looks back at his elves rodeo riders, winks and shouts



6 thoughts on “Did somebody discover that Santa actually wore a silver stetson?

  1. granny47

    Hi Ruth…thank you for the sweet comment…I only saw it today.Of course they are the same hats…couldn’t sell them last year…won’t sell them this year!

  2. robinhawkins

    Oh my Yes. Bang on the stroke of 1 November, Pick and Pay started with Christmas ads. It’s 2 months away people. FAR!I am most amused by your typo in “The silver stetsons in Woolies are defiantely a repeat” Could be either “defiantly” or “definitely” and both could apply.

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