Senior, Veteran, Mature, Quality Controller, Blogger Ruth2Day.

I never understand why people like to add the word “Senior” to their job description.   Is it because of self-importance or is to define the amount of years they have been employed? 


Then again, it coule be said, that being a Senior something-or-other really means you’ve worked somewhere for so bloody long that any chance of a leg up the corporate ladder has past you by, and that by giving you a title change it will make you feel as if you’ve achieved something …when you actually haven’t.   


I myself tried this once, hoping the self-imposed title change would elicit a little bit of respect , or at least recognition of my million years of loyal employment.  I suddenly became Senior Quality Controller and sent out my first batch of work related emails.  Almost immediately some of my more cynical colleagues replied asking me when would I be retiring.   Suffice to say the “Senior” was  swiftly removed and I once more blended in with the rest of the staff.


It’s a  bit like being given the title Veteran when you enter a race.  You don’t even have to be 40 these days before you accomplish this little title.  For me a veteran is somebody who fought in the first world war and can sport rows of medals for courage, not somebody in the prime of their life.


Have you looked at studying lately?  After about the age of 30 you become a Mature student and no longer have to produce your matric certificate to prove your education level.  I personally think this is just an easy way of getting around the problem of having to find your matric certificate which is by then either ripped up, lost, scribbled on by your toddlers, been used for important telephone messages in error, or even floating around Home Affairs limbo.


So bearing all of this in mind, I am signing off today as:


Senior, Veteran, Mature, Quality Controller, Blogger Ruth2Day.


4 thoughts on “Senior, Veteran, Mature, Quality Controller, Blogger Ruth2Day.

  1. robinhawkins

    The term “senior” is very often an official prefix to a rank, and is thus not really a matter of self-importance. The others, well….. maybe.I still look forward to be being deemed “mature” though I passed the “veteran” mark long ago.

  2. kat64

    LOL.Seriously though, in work context, it means experience and rank.Obviously not to everyone though.Had a temp here who was performing admin duties, and introduced herself as Senior Recruitment Consultant! Her 4 days, compared to my 5 years! Laughable.

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