Goodbye Spotty

Youngest daughter is moving flat in a couple of weeks.  We signed the lease yesterday and she is as happy as a kid living in a sweet shop.  Well almost.   It dawned on her yesterday that something will have to go.  Yes it’s time to let her hoard of Teddies and soft toys move on, there just isn’t space for them in the new loft. 


When she realized this yesterday she welled up, and flipping heck so did I! For goodness sake, what kind of grown women are we that the thought of losing a soft friend brings us to tears? 


Maybe it’s because these aren’t just any “Softies”, these are her buddies, her chums, her comforters if you will.  And of course most of them  originated from birth.  How she is going to release Spotty –  a wonderfully soft long-eared-doggie – is beyond me.  Spotty was defiantly there from day 1, and even walked down the aisle with her when I remarried.  I’ve got the most gorgeous picture of her beaming and smiling as she clutches him in her chubby little hands.  Here I go again, welling up like a fool.  I’m not even going to think about tucking her into bed with him and watching her drift off into the land of nod.  Somebody hand me a tissue box quickly.


To ease the separation, I’ve suggested she keep a few and box up the rest – we won’t seal the box in case they can’t breath !!!! – and then she can change them around every so often.  I’ll keep them safe and secure and check on them once a week. 


I know we’re daft, and I know we should be BIG about this, but I suppose for me the thought of her ending a relationship with her soft toys has me realizing my little girl with the cheeky smile is all grown up…and that’s kind of hard.


7 thoughts on “Goodbye Spotty

  1. anotherdayinparadise

    I still have lots of teddies, Ruth. My sister kept her motheaten, earless, eyeless bunny rabbit and teddy for many years. I bet she still has them somewhere, but they aren’t fit to be seen in public. ;->

  2. robinhawkins

    Last time I saw my dear daughter’s place (she must have been around 30 or so) she still had ALL the soft toys she’d accumulated in her motley life. A huge mountain of the things.

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