“Your Friendly Spar, Where ever we (still) are”

Has the Spar in your area closed recently? Mine has, and it was quite a shock. The Tokai branch, in my opinion, has been a little goldmine, for the past 30 odd years that I’ve lived in Cape Town, and now it’s gone. It started off as a small place, grew at a fairly steady rate and even pushed out an adjoining smaller business as they needed more space.


It was pretty sudden to. One minute the shelves were packed and the locals were raving about their variety. Then the stock dwindled rapidly.   And then wham, doors closed, lights off and a hastily penned note to the door explaining that’s it we’re out of here. I still see customers with noses up against the glass door looking for somebody to open up. When eventually they realize nobody is there, they turn away with shoulders slumped, as if they have lost a friend, no doubt mortified at the prospect of finding a new place to share their money and swipe some plastic.


What makes it all the more interesting is that a colleague mentioned yesterday that his Spar has closed in Mowbray, and another Spar in my area, that is relatively new, is struggling and cutting back staff and working hours.


So what do you think is going on? Are their prices to high? As Franchises are they paying far too much to the Franchisee? Economic climate? Bad management? Exhaustive overheads?


Just doesn’t make sense to me.


Think they need to change their little sales slogan to:


“Your Friendly Spar, Where ever we (still) are”


4 thoughts on ““Your Friendly Spar, Where ever we (still) are”

  1. malma

    There are quite a few Spars in my area and they are so different. Some are fabulous, some are okay and the others are awful. I think it comes down to the management/owners who just don’t do the name justice regarding produce offered and then they go under.

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