The humble garden rake and me


Since moving into our house about 6 months ago, our garden has had a permanent autumn theme – namely hundreds of leaves from our Water Berry tree, EVERY-BLOODY-WHERE. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely tree and I have no intention of chopping it down. But must it drop leaves all year round? They are quite odd too, rather rubbery before eventually turning a light brown. If they blew away I mightn’t be so irritated, but they never do. Instead they settle and refuse to budge, to the point I’m really starting to wonder if they have a Velcro substance on them. Whatever they are or do, they drive me insane. I’ve never seen so many leaves drop in one day, and every flipping day.


As the joy of my garden has been diminished through constant cleaning up of leaves, I decided the time had come to purchase the biggest and most expensive piece of equipment I could find. The only prerequisite was that it must suck with the force of a blistering tornado. I was hoping to find something the Terminator would be proud of and was well prepared – and yes excited – about wearing goggles and other safety gear. Looking for ideas I asked a friend who declared she had something absolutely wonderful. I could hardly contain myself when she went to the shed, I was hoping she would reappear fully kitted, goggles in place. But no, she came back with a plastic rake. My smile dropped and it was all I could do to contain myself from sobbing. I mean, how ridiculous would I look using that while wearing goggles and arm-pads?


By the end of the evening, and after several test drives of the rake, I reluctantly decided to give it a go and buy one. What harm could it do?


So on the way home from work yesterday, I stopped off and purchased a rake, headed home and raked. Those damn leaves were raked, bagged and gone within about 20 minutes. What an absolute joy.  My all-new, R29.95 plastic rake, I swear, beats all other expensive/electronic blowers/suckers hands-down. You really should do yourselves a favour and go buy one.


With this in mind, may I be so bold as to suggest to all you ladies looking for a Christmas Pressie for the man in your life to,


1. forget the lawn mowers

2. put back the weed eaters,

3. don’t even think about a shredder


And instead:

settle for the good old Rake. It’s not only priced correctly, there are no instruction manuals to ignore, no parts to lose, and with care will last a life time!


7 thoughts on “The humble garden rake and me

  1. daisyno2

    Hehe! Husband does not believe in raking. He has an “If I don’t look cool doing it, I’d rather just not do it, thanks” attitude. So only noisy presents for him! šŸ™‚

  2. anotherdayinparadise

    My son in New Jersey employs a garden service, and in autumn they come along with the leaf blower.He got fed up with raking them all the time, and by law, you have to keep the sidewalk clear. There are so many leaves there, and some of them get blown from one house to the next, all the way down the road, as there are no walls or fences. Good luck with the rake.

  3. optout

    In the winter we get swamped with poplar leaves and we don’t even have a poplar tree ourselves. The poplar trees are three houses away and all the fallen leaves collect up against our front gate – as soon as we open it they fly right up our driveway.

  4. robinhawkins

    Or borrow a goat or a goose.If I remember correctly those leaves are virtually a natural velcro with their slightly fuzzy fronts.

  5. Sundancer

    Well I don’t know about lasting a lifetime as I have bought several for the office gardener but I will admit they do work and they don’t have that really irritating whining sound that those blowers have..

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