Firewalls, and needing some help please

Can anybody help me with an email problem?

For several months now I’ve not been able to get any emails to a family member that contain attachments. I’m pretty sure it is related to his service provider and firewalls on both sides. 

Anyway, tonight I had an A-HA moment and realised that family members service-providers-firewall is removing attachments from my emails if there are a series of “xx” in the body.  The XX’s I hasten to add being kisses!  So that sorted out email from work.

But email from my home Telkom account, with or without attachments, do not reach said family member, and I cannot work out why.  What makes it all the more strange is that said family member can send me email to this address, and I receive it, attachments and all.

So has anybody got any advice for me?  I’ve tried so many different ways of trying, and nothing is working.  Telkom also doesn’t return an error message for emails that do not reach their destination, so I don’t even know the email hasn’t reached family member until we work out why we haven’t heard from each other, that is.

Likewise I cannot find the tracking functionality on my Telkom email, anybody know where this is?

I’ve phoned Telkom and they are absolutely no help whatsoever, with either of my problems.  All they do is send me email and when I receive it, say there is no problem so get lost – well not exactly get lost, but you get the feeling that is what they mean.  When I point out they are sending Telkom to Telkom and therefore will be no problem, they have their own A-HA moment, which is quite funny for them and me, but not all that helpful to sorting out my problem.

Please, please bloggers, if you have any suggestions, I will be forever thankful, and will send you kisses, but not with XX’s


I’d like to add that I’m not slagging off Telkom because they have been very helpful with other things, but this one is testing them and me!


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