Nora Walker – do you really know what to do with that duster?

Anybody watch the latest episode of Brothers and Sisters? The one where the Walker siblings have flash-backs to their teenage years?


Not to worry if you didn’t, as the post isn’t really about that episode, other than to say I thought the young actors were well cast. No, what I’d like to comment on are the following:


Nora Walker and her housework




Walker family suppers/meetings


Let’s start with Nora and her housework. Now really people, the woman lives in the most amazing mansion, she is clearly loaded up to her eye-balls with boodle, and yet she does her own housework. I’ve seen her on numerous occasions arguing with some or other family member as she polish’s her dining room table to perfection. If not actually polishing, she always has cloth and polish in hand about to do so. Every surface in her house is sparkling, cushions are plumped to perfection, and she manages to prepare and serve the most scrumptious meals to her family at the drop of a hat. And all this she manages to do – daily – while running a charity full-time, baby-sitting her grandchildren and generally rushing back and forth from her children’s never ending, and catastrophic, lifestyle problems. Flipping heck Nora, are you on drugs, or do you drink a heck of a lot of filter coffee?


My betting is that she has an illegal immigrant housekeeper who hides when the family are around. This then allows Nora to present herself as super-mum while actually only ever polishing the table when a family member arrives. I also predict said housekeeper will be outed at some stage, after which Nora will have a nervous breakdown and end up in the Betty Ford Clinic branch for delusional wealthy wives. There she will have her bags searched for illegal household products, before starting a regulated 28 day program that will cost a fortune and rid her of something or other.


As well as ‘seemingly’ being in the running for housewife of the year, she manages to host a huge amount of family dinners that inevitably end with everybody fighting before somebody storms out in a huff. Which in my opinion is really quite rude when you consider the effort Nora has gone to. Have you seen how she lays that table? Oh my word, candles, flowers, napkins, and even the cutlery are set in the right eating order. I’m starting to wonder if she had an internship at Buckingham Palace in her youth. Or are you also suspecting she has more than one illegal immigrant housekeeper?!?


But back to the family members. Why is it that none of the siblings ever bring along their partners? Rebecca occasionally comes, but she was almost a family member, so they probably let her in as a token member. But as for the rest, are they not invited, or are they nasty and find fault in how their napkins are folded? I’d be mighty fed up if my husband’s mother had regular family get-togethers and didn’t invite me. All I know is that this family is in serious need of therapy. Every flipping week they yell, cry and make up, it must be a rollercoaster of a life they live. How they manage to look so good with all that stress is beyond me.


Oh well, the second half of the flash back episode is on tonight. And I will be watching, you can be sure of that. And, while I do so, I will sit very close to the screen watching and hoping to catch a glimpse of an apron .or an unfamiliar reflection in a mirror…


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