going on leave, going on leave…did you hear me? going on leave

Not only am I doubly thrilled that today is Friday and the weekend is about to start, I am also quadrupily – did I just make that word up? – thrilled that I am going away for a few days with youngest daughter to Hermanus – leaving tomorrow lunch time.


Oldest daughter should have been coming with, but had insufficient leave, and hubby can’t close the factory due to Xmas orders – oh the joys of being self-employed. So it’s just the two of us taking a nice break.


We’re staying in a hotel that is smack bang in the centre of Hermanus, and by all accounts we will have a sea view that I’m hoping will give us a good sighting of some Whales. 


I’m a last minute packer, so tomorrow morning I’ll be chucking far too many clothes into a ridiculously large suitcase., along with about 15kg of toiletries, hair dryers, GHD’s and the kitchen sink.  Youngest daughter is as bad, so we will be driving off looking as if we are moving house, or heading for a car boot sale.  She will swear blind that she takes next to nothing, but I’m her mother, and I know the truth!


This is the link to where we are staying, so if you’ve been there, let me know what it was like.  And any recommendations of good restaurants and places to visit, please let me know.


Have a great weekend everyone, catch up with you all next week.




4 thoughts on “going on leave, going on leave…did you hear me? going on leave

  1. Sundancer

    Have a wonderful time. I used to pack just like you until I had to go away for days on the back of a bike with a haversack. Really learned to cut down and take the bare essentials..

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